KJ Jordan is a travel industry expert with decades of hands on property management success. The KJ Jordan Hospitality Sales and Marketing Consortium uses her experience and adds cutting edge online marketing specialties for the 21st century.

We are offering three distinct programs that can be used separately or together as a cohesive strategy to maximize profits and beat competition.

On property marketing

Off property marketing

Online marketing

All three elements support each other. On property marketing will make your hotel more attractive to guests and larger groups. Off property and online marketing will attract the audience you need to maximize your profits by putting heads in beds. Take advantage of our free consultation to see what KJ Jordan Hospitality Sales & Marketing Consortium can do for your business.

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On Property Off Property Marketing Online Marketing

KJKJ Jordan is an International Sales & Marketing Hospitality Professional with over 30 years of creating great successes. Established the marketing & sales department and programs for a new hotel management company: Newport Hospitality Group, Williamsburg. Founder and Senior Partner of Paradigm Hospitality Group, LLC, a sales & marketing consortium representing multiple hotels along the east coast.

In 1995 KJ created one the first online hotel reservation programs: Hotelroom.com, drawing thousands of online guests nationally & worldwide, later selling the company to Priceline.com. Today it still remains their number one international online travel-booking program.

Those are just a few of KJ’s accomplishments. Now she has partnered with Douglas Dye, founder of Richmond Media, a web design company with a portfolio of hundreds of small business websites and vast experience in search engine optimization, social media and online marketing. Together they offer the hospitality industry a resource that can help maximize profits and expand market share.