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A Critically Important Message About Your Email

The email you use for business can come from many sources. People use Gmail, Yahoo or even AOL email, and they tend to want to use it for their business, to keep things simple.  Some people get an email address through the Google Business App for the same domain they use for their website, even though you can get a free email from the hosting company.

But in the last couple of months we have run into a ton of problems with these outside email addresses. Lately a lot of these have changed the rules for accepting forms from websites. Gmail now has difficulty accepting an email form from another Gmail address. Yahoo Mail is doing the same thing. If someone with a Yahoo Mail address submits a form, that form won’t be accepted if it is forwarded to another Yahoo Mail address. And lately, Gmail and Yahoo email addresses won’t even accept FORWARDED emails under those conditions.

GoDaddy hosting is also having severe problems with 3rd party email addresses with the same domain. For example, if your business website is, and you have an email address of that you got from the Google Business App, your GoDaddy host will not send any emails to your Google Business App email address. The problem is that GoDaddy sees an email address to the same domain name as their hosting, but there is no email address by that name attached to the hosting account, so they refuse to send it, probably considering it to be spam.

There are two fixes for all of this, and they are both generally free. Just create a free email account from your internet provider and send all form (and other) emails there. Why isn’t this unprofessional? Because nobody can see where a form is sent, that’s why. So if that is the email that gets forms, nobody will know.

Or, you can get a free email address from the hosting account that your website is hosted from. Either one of these is a good solution.

So is it a pain to change the email address where your forms are sent? Maybe a little. But the recent problems from 3rd party emails, and the critical importance of receiving website forms will make the pain bearable.

It is something you need to do, period. And we even advise you to stop giving out Gmail and Yahoo email addresses to clients, because of the potential problems that can stop you from receiving emails.

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