We offer our in-house web-development team for all your online marketing needs. In order to best take advantage of today’s market, a strong online presence is very important. Once established, we will also strive to bring consistent traffic to your website and social media sites.

The Essential Strategies

Website Management: We will manage the property’s website to enhance search engine rankings by keeping the content fresh and dynamic. We will find relevant back links and use better media than the competition. If the property doesn’t have a website, we will create one.

Booking Engine Optimization: Booking engines get far more traffic than your website. But did you know that you can raise the search engine rankings of your booking engine pages? We know how.

Social Media Programs: All Facebook posts are NOT equal. We post compelling, useful information that will increase Likes, Shares and Comments, the only real way to add followers.

Smart Forms: We save the staff time and the property money with intuitive forms on your website for group and event queries. You can contact potential guests with their information already at hand.

Reputation Management: Bad reviews on travel websites and social media? We work to resolve problems and be attentive to angry guests.

Guest Portal: We give hotel guests a mobile website that provides an easy way to phone or contact various hotel services when they are out of their rooms. It also serves as a local resource for nearby restaurants, attractions and shopping. The idea is to give your guests a unique service that makes it easier to do the things that normally take time and effort.

NOTE: We do not show examples of Guest Portals online. Please submit our Free Consultation form and we will show you how a Guest Portal can impress your guests.

This Online Marketing Package is also available separately for properties that are satisfied with their current DOS.

Online Marketing Goals

An effective website. Your property’s website needs to be easy to navigate, with information that will help site visitors choose your property for their stay. Content should include a lot of high resolution photographs, area resources, a comprehensive list of services and amenities and contact forms that are easy to fill out and submit.

Website content should be changed on a regular basis, to give visitors a reason to revisit your website. Photography needs to be carefully staged to show the property in the best possible light.

We will focus upon creating content that makes potential visitors feel good about staying with you. Rather than a hard sell, we will include large area maps, local resources and detailed room and property plans.

We have over a decade of experience creating compelling, easy to use websites for small business. We are expert in every aspect of web design and content creation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The hotel industry is a very crowded field, and first page ranking on search engines cannot be guaranteed. But SEO can still help your website get traffic by focusing upon aspects of your property that aren’t as heavily marketed online.

Another part of SEO strategy is getting listed in local business directories and other area websites. This is known as getting backlinks, which will improve search engine rankings.

Depending upon your area, Google AdWords are also a possibility. This is done by making a bid on clicks from the ad in a Google listing. This can be affordable by choosing a strategy that doesn’t rely upon the usual search terms. Instead of making a bid on “hotel”, make a bid on “conferences”, “receptions” or “pets allowed”.

Social Media Marketing. Your Facebook page supports your website, and your website drives visits to your Facebook page. Social media content needs to be kept fresh, especially while we are building the page’s audience.

We know how to make your Facebook page look professional, and we know how to keep your content compelling. We will also reach out to other Facebook pages that can help bring traffic to yours.

The same strategy works for Twitter as well.