Off property marketing can take away from important time spent working at the property. We will develop a strategy that is best suited to you property’s needs without taking your staff away from the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business effectively. It’s not just having the resources; it’s knowing which ones will work for your property.


  • Long-term support
  • Knowledge of your location and demographic
  • Affordability for independently-owned properties
  • Marketing strategy analysis and development
  • Constructive feedback and reviews from experienced professionals
  • Consistent promotion through our network

Off property marketing can encompass several different parts of the strategy that takes place away from the property. Our experience allows us to determine which of these strategies will be successful for your property. It’s not just having the resources, it’s knowing which ones will work for your property.

Direct Marketing – This includes print ads, flyers, mail, radio and other media strategies, even door to door sales. More sophisticated strategies like rack cards in tourist information centers and other tourist related venues can be successful too. Developing an effective direct marketing strategy depends upon your budget and your competition’s strategies.

Your print media strategy will partner with your online marketing strategy. When someone receives information about the benefits of your hotel, they will go online to see what you have to offer. Blending off property marketing with online marketing reenforces your selling points by both strategies validating each other.

Industry Contacts – KJ Jordan Hospitality Sales & Marketing Consortium retains a great relationship of previous industry partners, including travel groups, motor coach companies, conference groups and other industry resources. We will determine which groups fit into your overall strategy and which methods will have the greatest chance of success.

Networking with these groups is critical to finding new groups that can be added to your client list. You have to know who to network with to find new partners. And we know who to network with, because we have worked with them before.