Our program is designed to work alongside independently-owned hotel and resort establishments and connect you to your ideal clientele. We understand your market and will work to reflect your property’s unique personality. With over 30 years’ experience in this industry, we bring an extensive network of contacts with corporations, associations, and event groups. Together, we will partner to maximize your potential and profitability.


  • To connect our clients to our expanding network of corporate contacts, associations and event groups.
  • To build a personal relationship with property owners and their staff
  • To maximize your property’s profitability
  • To work alongside you to bring the best clients for your establishment
  • To advocate for you and promote your unique services and amenities


Your Property’s Unique Personality. We will study your property and amenities. We will make recommendations to establish a unique brand to contrast your property with your competition. Everybody knows what they get in a franchise hotel. We want to help make your hotel stand out from the competition.

Modernizing your services. We will find out which services and amenities are profitable and contribute to your unique local branding. We will recommend ending services and amenities that are costing you more than they are bringing in. We will advise you on how to modernize your amenities in order to appeal to the modern market.

On-Property and Online Marketing. We will use our online marketing program (website, social media, etc.) to highlight your property’s advantages to their best advantage. These efforts will be targeted to both families and larger groups.

Tours, Conventions and Other Groups

Researching your potential market. We will study everything about your property, including location, past history, local competition and overall suitability for groups. We will make recommendations to maximize your property’s group potential.

Bringing our own customer base to you. We have a vast network of groups we have successfully worked with in the past, from convention groups to trade shows to motorcoach tour operators. We will market your property to those groups, and build upon our existing contacts to find more potential customers.

Working with your staff. We will advise on training that will help your staff make visiting groups feel welcome and comfortable. This will encourage them to come back to your property.

Testimonials from group clients. We will diligently solicit good reviews from visiting groups, and will use their testimonials in both our online marketing and our off property marketing programs. This is invaluable in convincing potential customers to book their events with your property.