About KJ Jordan

KJ Jordan Hospitality Sales & Marketing Consortium is a partnership of hospitality and online marketing experts, created to offer unique marketing opportunities in the hospitality industry. KJ Jordan is a hospitality expert with a 30 year history of positive results. Douglas Dye is a partner in Richmond Media with sales and marketing expert Nick Caffacus, a long time fixture in Virginia for its understanding of small business and skill in designing and implementing creative solutions.

We have developed a three part program to help hotel owners maximize market share and profits not by telling them what to do, but by listening to them, then creating a business plan determined by the individual needs of the hotel. Our philosophy is based upon the fact that no two properties are alike, and that they can never be treated exactly like any other property. Even if two properties shared virtually every physical trait, things like location, existing customer base and past history all serve to make that property’s needs unique.

KJ will examine every aspect of your property, talk to you in depth about your business, then develop solutions based upon those factors, plus things like local tourism, availability of local competing convention facilities and more.

Douglas Dye will create an online strategy geared to your local and regional needs, with a compelling, feature rich website supporting a strong social media presence. All will be designed to be maintained by the client is desired. The online strategy will enhance and support KJ’s work to blend the physical with the digital in order to give the property its greatest chance of success. Nick Caffacus will bring his specialty of sales and packaging to find the perfect package to accomplish your goals on your budget.

Together, KJ Jordan Hospitality Sales & Marketing Consortium will bring a unique, experience driven resource to your business.