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How to use Facebook for Your Property – Part 1

SM01You should already know that you need to post often to your Facebook page. But rather than just posting fluff to keep the page fresh, here are some tips to get more Likes and more interest for your Facebook page.

First, you need to know that once you get someone to Like your page, they probably will never go back to it again. Liking a page just means that any post you create will go to their News Feed (Wall). So if a post ends up in their News Feed, what happens? Do all of their friends see it? The answer is, not usually, because the same applies to them. Once someone becomes their “Friend”, that “Friend” will usually look at their own News Feed, and any posts made by their friend show up in their own feed.

So how do you get more Likes? How can you get your posts to show up on more peoples’ News Feeds? You can do that by creating posts that those who “Like” your business will Like, Comment or Share.

That’s why posting fluff doesn’t do your business Facebook page much good. Imagine posting something trivial in November, like “Christmas is coming, make sure you get your reservations in!”. Think about it. Who is going to Like, Comment or Share something like that? Most people will just see it in their News Feed and ignore it.

So instead of that, imagine that you post about common problems people have while traveling around Christmas, and how to minimize those problems. Can you see how people might be more inclined to read that? And if they do, they are more likely to Like, Comment or Share it. And when THAT happens, your post will show up on all of THEIR friends’ News Feeds. That is how you build your Facebook audience.

So Facebook for business part 1 is, post things that people will find interesting.

Next week we will talk about how to get people to interact with your Facebook page. Stay tuned!

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