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How to use Facebook for Your Property – Part 2

In this post we will talk about how to get more interaction for your business Facebook page. There are several ways, but it’s important to choose a strategy based upon the number of followers you already have, because that makes a huge difference.

If you have a lot of followers already and are looking to keep them engaged, you can get audience interaction by posting polls, asking for your followers’ opinions, etc. If you have enough followers, this can spur some really good debate and interaction. And that’s the very heart of Facebook, to get people talking about things.

Of course, if you already have lots of Facebook followers, that’s a great problem to have. Let’s look at the more common problem, how to get more interaction from a small base of followers on Facebook. If this is your situation, posting polls and asking questions won’t work. While there is nothing sadder than a neglected Facebook page, almost as sad is when you ask for responses and you don’t get any.

The reason you can’t post polls with a small fan base is because you won’t get any responses. And a poll with no responses screams, “Nobody cares about this Facebook page!” So what are some other ways to get responses with a small fan base?

1. Post something that doesn’t directly ask for responses, but is compelling enough to your followers to make them feel you are talking directly to them. For example, post about a bad travel experience that YOU have had. Make it something common, that other people might have also experienced. This way you’re not directly asking for responses, so if you get none, it doesn’t look like you have failed. But it might get people to agree with you, or share their own stories. And again, anything people write on your Facebook page will appear on their friends’ Facebook pages.

2. Post a Facebook special or a Facebook giveaway, even if it’s for something that’s not worth much. People love free stuff, pretty much any kind of free stuff. So buy some cheap swag, give away stuff you find around your office, anything. People will like your post (which will make your post appear on all of their Friends’ pages) to get it.

3. Drive your Facebook followers to your website. This is REALLY what Facebook for business is all about. You want people to visit your website, where your REAL promo is. Ask a question on Facebook, offer something if people get it right, then send them to a page on your website for the correct answer. The upside is that even if nobody actually goes to your website, nobody will know. Another upside is that it will probably bring in some traffic, and it will look like you are serious about your business and you know how to market your business. The best upside though, is that there is no downside.

We have lots more ideas for improving the interactivity of your Facebook page. Just visit our website and you can… see what I mean?

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